Bi-Partisan Veteran’s Bill Gets Hearing; Supports Weddle Appointment to WHEDA Board

(MADISON) Senator Lena C. Taylor (D-Milwaukee) testified today on a major veteran’s employment initiative, which she authored. in the Senate Committee on Economic Development and Veterans and Military Affairs.  Senate Bill 312 (SB 312), which would expand Veterans Preference Points in the state civil service systems to include members of the Reserves and the National Guard. The bill has received bipartisan support and was coauthored by Senator Taylor and Representative Andy Jorgensen (D-Fort Atkinson).  The bill expands current law to allow members of the Reserves and National Guard to claim veteran’s preference when successfully completing their contracts with the military.

“This is a simple matter of equality,” said Senator Taylor. “Members of the Reserves and the National Guard have been called into combat and conflict areas in recent history. They should receive the same civil service preference points afforded to those enlisted in active duty.  I am hopeful that this bill’s bipartisan support will propel it to passage in the Legislature.”

In the same meeting, Senator Taylor praised the appointment of McArthur Weddle to the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Authority (WHEDA). Mr. Weddle is the Executive Director of the Northcott Neighborhood House in Milwaukee, which provides Head Start classes for preschoolers, home-construction training programs, sports teams and food programs for seniors. He has dedicated his career to serving community organizations throughout Milwaukee, including leading the annual Milwaukee Juneteenth Festival.

“Mac Weddle has experience creating jobs throughout Milwaukee by hiring local residents for redevelopment and revitalization projects. He will now be able to bring his expertise to the state level, and I have no doubt that he will do so with the same level of commitment and enthusiasm that he has given to Milwaukee.  I highly support his appointment to the WHEDA board.”



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