Taylor Calls For Real Action to Meet Real Crisis with Real Solutions

(MADISON) Senator Lena C. Taylor (D-Milwaukee) sharply rebuked the Senate Republicans today for the lack of jobs bill on the calendar for the Senate in light of the news of record black male unemployment.  The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel highlighted a report from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee which notes over 57% of working age African-American males are unemployed.  This report continues to show a trend of increasing unemployment and lack of response by authorities to stem the crisis.
Taylor addressed her colleagues with sharp words.  “I am sad today about the top headline in the Journal-Sentinel, ‘Black Employment Drops Drastically’.  Only 44.7 percent of working age African-American males have a job in Milwaukee; only better than Detroit and Buffalo! Today’s report points out one of the central problems in the employment crisis – a shrinking manufacturing economy in Milwaukee.”
The loss of and lack of development in manufacturing is one of the primary causes of the high unemployment rate among African-American men in Milwaukee. “Manufacturing is one of the key economic sectors in Wisconsin,” said Taylor. “Despite the fact that Republicans have been in control of both houses for a year, you have not made a dent in the manufacturing problem! So let’s stop playing games with tax giveaways that do not and will not create jobs. It’s time to get to work and pass bills that will create jobs.”
Taylor has championed the calls for job investment in manufacturing and local small business especially in distressed areas and intends to reintroduce legislation to grow these jobs. 

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