January 20th, 2011


Special Session on Deficit Spending Continues, No Jobs Yet

Taylor says “GOP are acting like a drunken college kid with their parent’s credit card”

(MADISON)  Senator Lena C. Taylor (D-Milwaukee) blasted Republicans on actions taken by the Joint Finance Committee today.  Without making budget cuts, the GOP and Governor Walker continued the deficit spending that has dominated the first 20 days of Republican rule.  Special Session Bill 7 creates tax deductions for corporations but does not include any oversight to ensure that jobs are being created and adds to the structural deficit. 

“The GOP are acting like a drunken college kid who has their parents credit card.  And within a few weeks, that credit card is maxed out.  But someone’s got to pay that bill.  We, as a Legislature, need to act in a fiscally responsible way to make sure we’re not spending ourselves into a fiscal abyss.”  

The bill adds an estimated $33.5 million annually to the structural deficit, bringing the grand total for all the special session bills to $142 million in deficit spending.  Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee continue to disregard their mandate to pay as you go for their ineffective and untested legislation.

“I can’t spend money I don’t have, so why do Governor Walker and the Republicans feel as though they can continue to spend this state further into debt without any accountability or oversight,” Taylor stated.  “This is more smoke and mirrors by the Republicans.  Wisconsin doesn’t need that; we need jobs and accountability.”

Taylor noted that it appears as though the Republicans want to ram through these special session bills before Governor Walker gives his State of the State address. 

Taylor concluded that we need to stop using the structural deficit like a limitless credit card and stated,


“Total Jobs Created in the Special Session on Jobs:  Zero

Deficit Spending in 20 Days:  $142 Million

Governor Walker violating the #1 Rule of his Brownbag Movement:  Priceless”





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