April 20, 2011


Senator Taylor to host “Know Your Rights Clinic” at Greater New Birth Church in Milwaukee

“Our community should know all of their rights and when it comes to police involvement and also know how to interact with members of the Law Enforcement Community”

SATURDAY, APRIL 23rd – 2011  *  GREATER NEW BIRTH CHURCH  *  9:00 am – 12:00 noon

(Madison WI) -  State Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) will be hosting a “Know Your Rights Clinic” to inform the community about all of their constitutional rights when having any sort of police involvement. The event will be focused on having a listening and viewing session about knowing your rights in your community as well as knowing how to react when approached by any law enforcement official.

“We want our community to be informed and connected to the information that’s available to them” says Senator Taylor. “Often to many times in the community people are simply misinformed or mislead into either incriminating themselves or simply giving up those rights due to lack of knowledge on this issue”. Let’s be connected and be informed!

This event will take place at Greater New Birth Church in Milwaukee located at 8201 West Silver Spring Drive from 9am-12noon on this Saturday, April 23rd.


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