April 15th, 2010



Senate Approves Education Reform Measures to Address MPS

(MADISON) The Wisconsin Senate today approved SB 473 which creates new accountability powers and measures for the state superintendent to intervene in the state’s lowest‐performing schools. Milwaukee Public Schools is the state lowest performing school district, with over 20 schools identified for improvement under federal standards.

“I am extremely happy that the Legislature has finally addressed the incredible need for education reform in MPS,” Taylor noted. “We have spent over 8 months in talks about fixing the problems at MPS. Today we have approved a bill that has earned the support of concerned parties and works on changing the trajectory of the educational outcomes at MPS.”

The bill requires MPS to take certain steps to improve academic performance across the district, perform even more rigorous improvements in the schools identified for improvement, and empowers the state superintendent to intervene and order stringent reforms in the lowest performing schools. DPI, WEAC, MTEA, MPS, and Milwaukee legislators came together to fashion the proposal in such a way to target reform to the schools that needed it most.

“Education reform is a life ‐long process right alongside life‐long learning.” Taylor stated. “We cannot afford to miss this crucial first‐step on the path of reform. Our kids futures’ are demanding our action.”

The bill was immediately messaged to the Assembly where it is expected to be acted upon on Tuesday.


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