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Madison – Today State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) applauded We Energies, the owner of the Valley Power Plant, for its decision to convert Milwaukee’s outdated coal burning Valley Power Plant to run on natural gas.

Senator Tim Carpenter has strongly advocated for this conversion to natural gas instead of trying to add modern pollution controls to the existing coal power plant. As recently as August 9, 2012, Senator Carpenter argued:
“Milwaukee’s economy has changed significantly over the past half century, and it has been exciting to see our city tackle the resulting challenges and opportunities. No power source is perfect, but if we need a power plant in the heart of our city, I firmly believe using natural gas at the Valley plant would better supply the city’s foreseeable energy needs as well as helping to clean the air, water, and soil in our city and surrounding communities,” said Carpenter.

Domestic natural gas production has dramatically increased over the last several years and lower natural gas prices are prompting utilities across the country to consider replacing older coal power plants to cleaner natural gas.

“The focus now turns to Wisconsin’s Public Service Commission which must approve any modification to the power plant. I will be forcefully advocating that the PSC approve this conversion as soon as possible,” said “This will be an exciting change for our City. Cleaning up our city’s rivers and brownfields from our industrial past has spurred redevelopment and made the city a more desirable place to work and to live. Getting rid of the unsightly coal piles, coal barges, and health hazards associated with this old coal power plant will remove barriers to economic development and better public health,” said Carpenter.