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The Gableman Report was a Waste of Time and Money

(MADISON)—Today, Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) issued the following statement relating to the report provided by Michael Gableman of his investigation into Wisconsin’s 2020 election:

“I give the Gableman report a capital F. This side show circus was a waste of money, a PR stunt, a fleecing of the taxpayers, and it didn’t reveal anything we didn’t already know. This investigation accomplished exactly nothing. We already know there was no widespread voter fraud. Gableman’s report is an underhanded attempt to undermine Wisconsinites’ faith in our elections in order to justify the dismantling of the Wisconsin Elections Commission so that Republicans can select the referees for the next election.

“Speaker Vos wasted $676,000 of taxpayer money and he should pay that money back. Gableman needs to issue an apology to the elected officials he has threatened and to the citizens he lied to with his ridiculous innuendos and sloppy work. The legislature should audit the Office of Special Council to find out once and for all how exactly the money was wasted and what kind of corruption was done. I’m renewing my call to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee to authorize that audit.

“Gableman is admittedly unqualified and a demonstrably partisan hack. It is utterly unforgivable that Speaker Vos appointed him and allowed him to waste taxpayer resources this way.”