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Republicans have turned the Natural Resources Board into a political swamp Now we know why Dr. Prehn has been quick to label others as political—because he has been coordinating with Republican politicians and lobbyists to maintain control over the NRB so that they can deny the consent of the governed and influence Wisconsin’s environmental policies.
Frederick Prehn Should Resign from the Natural Resources Board This behavior is completely unacceptable from any public official. Dr. Prehn should resign immediately. Any problems with the future wolf hunt lie squarely at his feet.
Republicans Reject Final Opportunity to Provide a Tax Break for Unemployment Recipients I now have asked three times on the floor of the Senate that we provide a similar benefit to the workers who have been laid off as we have provided to businesses that faced economic hardship from the pandemic. Three times Republicans have turned their backs on those Wisconsinites...
Public Hearing Scheduled for Unemployment Compensation Tax Break This hearing will provide an opportunity to hear from beneficiaries, tax professionals, labor representatives and others about how this policy might affect them and those that they represent.
Sen. Carpenter and other Reintroduce Legislation to Ban Conversion Therapy in Wisconsin Every day we wait is another day that our fellow Wisconsinites may be subjected to this inhuman practice. My gratitude goes out to the 20 U.S. States and 12 Wisconsin cities that have taken action to prohibit conversion therapy, but now it is time for our whole state to stand up and do what is right
Carpenter to Introduce Bill to Assist Unemployed Workers This bill will exempt the first $10,200 any worker receives in unemployment benefits from the Wisconsin state income tax. This would federalize Wisconsin’s income tax treatment with the measures that are expected to be included in Congress' COVID-19 relief bill to be signed into law later this month
Members of the LGBTQ+ Caucus Introduce Joint Resolution Celebrating Transgender Day of Visibility With this resolution, we seek to acknowledge and elevate all transgender and non-binary Wisconsinites, and hope that our state joins us by helping to make our communities places where transgender and gender non-conforming people are welcomed, supported, and have the opportunity to thrive.
Republicans continue to leave those on Unemployment out in the cold Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) issued the following statement related to the failure of our state legislature to take actions to help those Wisconsinites who have lost work through no fault of their own