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Time Is of the Essence

It’s Time the Legislature Gets to Work!


(MADISON)—Today, Senator Tim Carpenter issued the following statement about the Wisconsin State Legislature:

“The people of Wisconsin are frustrated and angry about the total absence of the Republican controlled Wisconsin State Legislature during the COVID-19 crisis. It seems like the Republican Legislature has gone missing since the virus began devastating our state.

“Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos have refused to even show up for the Special Session Days called for by Governor Tony Evers. Wisconsin is in the throes of an epic Coronavirus Pandemic unseen by generations and Legislators need to get back to work!

“The Legislature has failed to act with a sense of urgency to combat COVID-19 and must work to help the many Wisconsinites suffering because of the devastating consequences of the pandemic. The State Legislature fiddles while Rome is burning.

“It is time to end the petty partisanship exhibited by the Wisconsin State Legislature and to start working together with Governor Tony Evers to start helping those people suffering who demand legislative action immediately.

“The Governor has held almost daily press conferences to communicate with the public what his administration is doing to the tackle the countless problems caused by COVID-19 Pandemic, while the cowardly Republican Legislators have been sitting on their hands nitpicking from a bench on the sidelines.

“It is past time for the Do Nothing Republican State Legislature to get back to work and start rowing our ship of state together with Governor Evers instead of sabotaging him.

“I’m ready and eager to convene the State Legislature immediately to do its job to help combat this COVID-19 pandemic and not just hide while collecting a state paycheck. Senator Fitzgerald, I call upon you to convene the State Senate now and I will be there to do the people’s business!”