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The State Legislature Must Convene in Special Session

(MADISON)—Today, Senator Tim Carpenter will be in his seat, ready for the 4pm Elections Special Session.

“It is cowardice and a dereliction of duty for the “Do Nothing Republican State Legislature” to refuse to attend Governor Evers’ special session to postpone our April 7th election.

“Tens of thousands of Wisconsinites will be needlessly put at risk of contracting the Coronavirus when they show up to vote in person in this April’s Spring Election.

“15 other states: Alaska; Connecticut; Delaware; Georgia; Hawaii; Indiana; Kentucky; Louisiana; Maryland; New York; Ohio; Pennsylvania; Rhode Island; West Virginia; Wyoming; and Puerto Rico  have already postponed their spring elections because of COVID-19. Wisconsin should follow suit and pass essential legislation to protect the public. Wisconsin’s brave and dedicated doctors, nurses, and public safety workers show up daily to do their jobs to combat COVID-19.

“Now it is time for the State Legislature to actually start doing its job leading our state through a time of crisis. Unfortunately, the “Do Nothing Republican State Legislature” won’t even bother to show up for work today to do their jobs.

“It’s outrageous that Republican Leaders Vos and Fitzgerald are collecting their state payroll checks, while Republicans do absolutely nothing to convene today’s special session on postponing the April 7th election.”