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The Do Nothing Republican Legislature


(MADISON)—Today, Senator Tim Carpenter issued the following statement regarding Governor Evers’ Executive Order #73 relating to a Special Session of the Legislature to postpone the April 7th election:

“Governor Evers is doing his best to protect the people of Wisconsin. Now we desperately need a Legislature that is equally committed to taking decisive actions during a public health emergency. This shouldn’t be about politics, today’s special session is about trying to save people’s lives.

“Voters want to postpone the April 7th election, and follow through on the Governor’s request to set up all-by-mail elections for the rest of this year.

“Dr. Anthony Fauci has said that he expects another outbreak of the virus this fall, but that the United States will be better prepared for it. His hopeful prediction, that we will be better prepared, hinges upon our society taking formal actions to be prepared!

“For over two weeks now, I have implored Senate President Roger Roth to convene the Senate in order to address issues brought to our attention as a result of the Coronavirus.

“Governor Evers made the right decision by calling the Legislature into special session today. I was on the Senate Floor today at 4pm to do my job and vote “Yes” on the bill to postpone the April 7th election.

“We are elected to show up for work and do our jobs for our constituents, not to just sit on our hands collecting a paycheck. An overwhelming majority of my voters want the April 7th election postponed.

“Today Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald cowardly ignored Governor Evers’ call for a special session for postponement of this April’s election.

“Since Senator Fitzgerald and Representative Vos aren’t taking the Coronavirus threat seriously to protect the lives of Wisconsin residents, the Republicans have forced Governor Evers to declare a COVID-19 emergency and postpone the April 7th election. Stopping the potential spread of the Coronavirus to save countless lives must be our top priority.”