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Republican Health Committees: Missing in Action

Say it ain’t so, Joe!


(MADISON)—Today, Senator Tim Carpenter issued the following statement on the lack of action to address the pandemic in the Assembly and Senate Health Committees:

“It is shocking that even during a once in a century public health crisis, the Republican Chairmen of the Assembly and Senate Health Committees have not bothered to address the ongoing pandemic in our state through public hearings, informational hearings, and legislation. Senator Testin and Representative Sanfelippo haven’t held a single public hearing since February 13th and March 11th respectively.

“Despite not bringing his committee to order in over 250 days, Representative Sanfelippo believes that there is nothing else that he can do to address a statewide health crisis. Even Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald admitted that the Do-Nothing Republican Legislature doesn’t have a COVID-19 plan. At the same time as they have failed to come up with any ideas, they are constantly complaining about Governor Evers’ public health strategies.

“Republicans do not care that 1,633 Wisconsinites and counting have died as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. The GOP would rather use taxpayer dollars on $800 per hour attorneys to implore the courts to strike down and delay the Governor’s initiatives. At a time when our state needs a bipartisan, all-hands-on-deck strategy, the Republicans in control of the legislature have demonstrated that they are show ponies, not work horses.”