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Racism and Hate Have No Home Here!


(MADISON)—Today, Senator Tim Carpenter issued the following statement regarding racist leaflets that were distributed in West Allis over the weekend:

“I was shocked to learn that someone distributed racist flyers across the lawns of West Allis homeowners. The flyers deliver a disgusting message of support for racial segregation and white supremacy. Unsurprisingly, similar flyers can be found published in the newspapers distributed by the “White Aryan Resistance.” It is unfathomable that communities made up almost entirely of immigrants and the descendants of immigrants can harbor intentions to threaten people on the basis of their ancestry.

“Throughout the history of our country we have provided hope to people from different nations, spreading the message that if you yearn to breathe free, our door is open to you. This is the promise that we have made to the world, and commitment to that ideal has made America an immortal symbol of liberty, justice, and opportunity.

“To whomever took it upon themselves to spread this hateful message, know that our communities do not support you. If you had decided to spread your message publicly, rather than under the cover of night, you would have seen the strength of that conviction shared among peoples from all nations who call America, Wisconsin, and West Allis home.

“Hate has no home here!”