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From: Sen.Carpenter <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 15, 2020 5:02 PM
To: *Legislative All Senate <>
Subject: Re: Legislature passes COVID-Relief Bill



   President Roth you were voted to serve as the presiding officer of the Wisconsin State Senate. Today you failed miserably in fulfilling your job duty as the presiding officers. Your actions were a complete embarrassment to the State Senate as an institution.

    In my 36 years in the State Legislature I have never witnessed such blatant and hyper-partisan behavior from a presiding officer.

   You deliberately denied me as a State Senator from attending session in person for today’s session. I emailed you three times for over a month telling you I would be attending today’s important session. You have never responded to my legitimate concerns brought to your attention.

    President Roth you completely denied me as an elected official to the right to ask a question, make an inquiry, and allow me to say how I wished to vote. I was not allowed to speak a single word on the COVID-19 bill, it’s amendments or discuss how this $3 billion legislation impacts my Senate District and Wisconsin.

    At the April 4th Special Session on called to vote to postpone the April 7th election I personally attended the Senate Session. You and all the other Republican Senator were cowards and didn’t even bother to show up for work.

    The result of your inaction forced hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites to have to choose between risking their health and lives to the Coronavirus pandemic or exercising their right to vote on April 7th. 

     President Roth you as the presiding Senate officer refused to even bother to show up for the April 4th session, which I did. Then today you decide to show up for session, but denied me as an elected State Senator to attend session in person.

   Today for actions were hypocritical, cowardly and conduct unbecoming as the President of the Wisconsin State Senate. 

   You have brought great dishonor to the State Senate as an institution. You have disgraced your integrity, your honor and your reputation forever by your actions today. You are an embarrassment

and no longer deserve the respect as the President of the State Senate. You owe the voters of the State of Wisconsin an explanation and an immediate apology for your disgraceful, undemocratic and embarrassing behavior.


    Deeply disappointed, 

    Tim Carpenter

     State Senator

      3rd District