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Email to Senate President Roth Regarding a Potential Senate Session


Today, Senator Tim Carpenter sent the following email to Senate President Roger Roth, as well as the leaders of both Senate caucuses, the Senate Chief Clerk, the Senate Sergeant at Arms, and the Director of the Legislative Technology Services Bureau:


“Dear President Roth,

“I hope you, your family and your staff are doing well. I wanted make sure you know that I will be physically attending all Senate committee meetings or session days scheduled.

“I believe that this is a fulfillment of my official duties and responsibilities as a state senator. I understand that circumstances or concerns may keep other senators from attending in person, but I wanted to make sure that you know I will be attending Senate Session.

“I believe we should have already been in session this week to address the many important and timely issues that needed action with COVID-19 and on issues related to the April 7th election. To be honest, I feel legislative leaders have failed in doing their duties to their constituents in playing an active role in passing legislation combating this emergency public health crisis.

“Even before the 2019-2020 session began, we were told that the State Legislature needed to assert its authority to act as a check and balance on the powers of the new governor. During this session we have witnessed blatant abuses of power by Senate and Assembly leaders.

“Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has threatened the health and wellbeing of Wisconsinites, it’s been the complete opposite. Senate leaders have been missing in action by not convening the Legislature to address the ever growing number of problems stemming from this virus. Speaker Vos and Majority Leader Fitzgerald have continually sat on their hands, knit picking from the bench on the sidelines, attacking the governor for some of his decisive actions already taken. It’s past time for the Legislature to get into the battle to combat COVID-19. This should happen immediately.

“So, now the legislature has to play catch up with the pandemic, because of this inaction I believe it’s important that I attend Senate Session in person in order to fight for the needs, issues and concerns of my constituents.

“Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to seeing you in the upcoming Senate Session to start combating this coronavirus pandemic emergency.


“Senator Tim Carpenter”