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Governor Walker and Republican Leaders Simply Don’t Get It

(MADISON) – On November 6th, with a record turnout, Wisconsin voters spoke loud and clear.
They rejected eight years of the divisive and polarizing politics of Governor Scott Walker.
Sadly, Speaker Robin Vos and Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald immediately launched a coup to
undo the election results. They blatantly chose to ignore the wishes of the majority of voters by
restricting incoming Governor Tony Evers’ powers.
On Thursday, Governor Walker used these same powers to negotiate a $28 million deal with
Kimberly Clark. Then, he promptly requested the lame duck session bills stripping his successor
of this power and more be sent to him. It’s shameful and hypocritical.
While voters turn their attention to friends and family and away from politics as the holiday
season approaches, Governor Walker will show how hypocritical he really is with his actions on
the lame duck session bills today. Republicans will be able to steamroll this power grab into law,
simply because they know they can get away with it.
They are not counting on voters awakening as they did previously when Republicans, under the
same cover of night, quietly voted to gut Wisconsin’s open records law. In the light of day, when
voters learned of this GOP treachery, they were outraged and angry by the Republicans’
autocratic and arrogant actions. It’s the same sad story, but a different day.
Voters want their elected officials to work together to address the important issues of education,
health care, safe roads and job creation - not descend yet again into constant partisan bickering.
Governor Walker, unless you act wisely, the well will be poisoned even before the new session
begins. Treat Governor Evers the same way you would want to be treated. Don’t let the 2019
legislative session begin with distrust, dysfunction and division.

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