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Taking Action to Lower Prescription Drug Prices in Wisconsin


Madison – Today State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) stated that he has introduced a bill with bi-partisan support to eliminate the state’s “minimum mark-up” on prescription drugs.

“In almost every state in our nation, people are able to get over 350 prescription drugs for $4 or less from national retailers. But we can’t buy drugs for this price in Wisconsin due to a depression-era 1939 law that forbids such ‘competitive’ pricing,” said Carpenter.

“Rising drug costs have been a major contributor to the increasing cost of healthcare, and repealing this law would help bring down costs for consumers,” said Carpenter.

“Many of the seniors in my district experience gaps in their Medicare Part D coverage – also known as the ‘donut hole.’ The coverage gap was to be ‘closed’ by 2020, but the prospect of the changes and uncertainty in federal healthcare laws has brought back the fear that the donut hole will not be closed, or even get larger.  At the state level, we can help seniors manage the donut hole, and other fears of affording prescription drugs by passing this law,” said Carpenter.

In February 2010, a similar bill passed the Assembly, but was not allowed a vote in the Senate.