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SeniorCare Protection Act Introduced
“I will fight to stop any attempts to harm SeniorCare.”

Madison – Today State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) introduced the SeniorCare Protection Act to ensure the continuation of this vital program.

“SeniorCare is a successful, cost-effective program that helps provides vital prescription drugs that low-income seniors need and depend upon,” said Carpenter.

 “In the last several budget cycles, budgets have been proposed to either eliminate SeniorCare, or transfer excess funds away from the program.  Therefore, I believe that this bill should be introduced and debated prior to the introduction of this year’s biennial budget,” said Carpenter.

Thirty one of Sen. Carpenter’s fellow legislators have signed on a co-sponsors of the SeniorCare Protection Act.

“The federal government has extended the federal waiver to fund SeniorCare through December 31, 2018. In order to provide certainty for all who depend upon this program, this bill will require the state to continue the program, continue to seek a federal waiver, and that all funds collected will be used for the SeniorCare program only,” said Carpenter.

In the past, it has been proposed to move seniors from SeniorCare to Medicare Part D. However, SeniorCare costs taxpayers less than Medicare Part D because – unlike the federal government – the state negotiates with drug manufactures for volume discounts and rebates. 

“I will fight to stop any attempts to harm SeniorCare,” said Carpenter.