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I Will Show Up For Work, Will They?

“Now that they have the great Foxconn distraction out of the way it is time for Republicans to actually focus on the funding of our state. With complete control of state government the dysfunctional Republicans are now 77 days late on delivering their budget and Wisconsin is one of only two states to not pass a budget on time as required by law. I will be on the floor of the Senate bright and early Friday morning ready to debate the misguided priorities in their budget. The question remains, will they? According to Majority Leader Fitzgerald the answer is apparently anyone’s guess. If the controlling party can find it within themselves to actually pass this budget, I would be particularly eager to hear them justify the pork for campaign contributors, earmarks, and special interest favors they’ve included. Alternatively, if the Majority Party continues to refuse to govern, maybe it’s time for them to try something novel. Maybe it’s time for them to reach out to Democrats, work with us, include our ideas and priorities in this budget, and get something done for the people of Wisconsin.”