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Congressional Delegation: Stop Return of Donut Hole
“Let them eat donut holes” unacceptable to seniors who rely on Medicare Part D for prescription drugs.


Madison – Today, on the eve of the expected vote in the United States House of Representatives to repeal the Affordable Care Act, State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) sent a letter to the Wisconsin congressional delegation to let them know seniors in our state are worried sick about the affect this may have on their ability to afford the prescription drugs that they need. The letter, in part states:

As you are aware, Medicare Part D, after a certain amount does not cover prescriptions. This “donut hole” was on track by the ACA to be closed in 2020. My constituents are concerned that repealing the ACA will bring back the gap in Medicare Part D coverage for prescriptions.

Changes to federal healthcare laws should not increase the burden on seniors who need prescription drugs. My constituents have told me that they are afraid that changes to their Medicare Part D coverage will cause them once again to make choices between affording the medicine they need, or other necessities like food and keeping the heat and lights on in their homes.

You are no doubt also aware that in Wisconsin, we have a Medicaid waiver for a state prescription drug program called SeniorCare, for low income seniors to help get the prescription drugs that they need. SeniorCare’s waiver ends in December 2018.

You can see the crisis being anticipated: a one-two punch against the affordability of prescription drugs in Wisconsin. First, seniors are hit with the returning donut hole, and then second, low-income seniors in Wisconsin no longer have SeniorCare to rely on.

Wisconsin seniors are counting on you to stand up for them, and to do what you can to stop the increasing burden on seniors’ ability to get the prescription drugs they need. For many being able to afford the prescription drugs they need is a matter of life and death. Please don’t model Marie Antoinette, and say “let them eat donut holes” when the lives of seniors are in your hands. 

A copy of the letter accompanies this press release.