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Bill Allows Recovery of Costs Incurred When Owner’s Pet is Injured.

Madison – Today State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) announced that he has introduced a bill with bi-partisan support to help pet owners recover the costs they incur when someone else is liable for injury to their pets (SB 254).

“Currently under Wisconsin law, if someone is responsible for injuries to a pet, the person responsible is only liable for the cost of replacing the pet. This bill would allow pet owners to recover the actual damages sustained,” said Carpenter.

“Pets are considered by many of us to be cherished members of the family. Most pet owners will take an injured companion animal to the veterinarian and incur expenses if they are injured,” said Carpenter. 

However, last year a Wisconsin appellate court ruled that after a small dog was mauled by a neighbor’s animal, the small pet’s owner could not recover their veterinarian bills in court, only the replacement value of the animal.

“If someone is liable for the injuries to a pet, they (or their insurance company) should compensate for the veterinarian bills, not just the cost to replace the pet,” said Carpenter.