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Madison – Today State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) called on Governor Scott Walker to repay the taxpayers for his “political junkets” around the country and around the globe by April 15, 2015, the day by which Wisconsin taxpayers must file their tax returns.
It is reported that Governor Walker’s February trip to Great Britain alone cost the taxpayers $138,000, and the governor is soon to embark on another trip to Europe.
“The Governor’s trips, however he describes them, are increasingly immersed in presidential politics, and for the governor to continue to stick it to Wisconsin’s hard working taxpayers is unconscionable,” said Carpenter.
“The governor continues to rack up travel expenses and appears to be ‘checking off’ the list of places and organizations a presidential candidate’s resume supposedly needs, while at home his proposed budget devastates the programs my constituents rely on, such as SeniorCare, FamilyCare, IRIS, and public education,” said Carpenter.
"The governor/presidential candidate must pay for his political junkets by April 15th, so when Wisconsin taxpayers pay their taxes they will know they are not being fleeced for political purposes," said Carpenter.