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Madison – Today State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) issued the following statement regarding calls for local taxpayer “contributions” for proposals for financing a new Buck’s Arena. 

 “Republican legislative leaders are now saying that the City and County of Milwaukee must double its financial participation to the tune of $50 million to $100 million dollars for the project, because locals need more ‘skin in the game,’” said Carpenter. 
“My constituents who appear to be in line to foot the bill for this ‘local contribution’ have yet to be consulted by those making this proposal. I have asked for meetings with elected officials regarding these proposals, but have not been included in any discussions. I have asked for a public hearing to be held in Milwaukee for any proposal, and have yet to hear any response,” said Carpenter.
“Since my constituents are being kept in the dark about the mandated ‘local contribution,’ I wanted to make sure officials knew what any ‘local contribution’ should look like,” said Carpenter.
“First, the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce has been front and center beating the drum for a new Buck’s Arena. MMAC extols the virtues of the economic development such a project will bring. If that is the case, any local $50 – 100 million dollar contributions should be made by MMAC,” said Carpenter.
Additionally, any deal to build a new Buck’s Arena should not move forward unless the following conditions are met:
  • No increase in residential property tax;
  • No increase the sales tax in only Milwaukee County;
  • A public hearing should be held in Milwaukee to allow public input.
“Bottom line, what Milwaukee taxes do Republican leaders want to raise to fund this arena?” asked Carpenter.