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Tax Exemptions Committee to take up Bucks arena plan

Madison – Today State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) revealed that he will take action Tuesday morning to add a surcharge to tickets sold for events at a new Bucks arena, as well as removing the sales tax exemption for luxury boxes at the arena.
The Joint Survey Committee on Tax Exemptions meets today to consider the Bucks arena proposal.
Senator Carpenter, a member of the Joint Survey Committee on Tax Exemptions, said that at Tuesday morning’s committee meeting on the proposed Milwaukee Sports Arena he will introduce changes to the committee’s report to have it call for the Arena proposal to include these elements.
“I’ve long said that both a ticket surcharge and making luxury boxes subject to the sales tax are essential to any deal to make sure that those who benefit from the arena are the ones who support its construction,” said Carpenter.
Sen. Carpenter sent a copy of his proposed changes to the co-chairs of the Joint Committee. A copy of the letter accompanies this release.