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Ticket Surcharge Must Be Added.

Madison – State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) released the following statement regarding today’s Bucks arena informational hearing and executive session by the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee:
“Today the Republican-controlled Joint Finance Committee continued to ignore reality by holding an information only session and executive session in Madison on their flawed secretly-negotiated arena deal.
Just like the HMS Titanic's maiden voyage, its full steam ahead with the Republicans’ doomed 'take it or leave it’ arena deal. Adding a ticket surcharge on arena events to help pay for a new arena is a slam dunk!
Currently, the Bradley Center has a user fee that helps pay for its maintenance. To help improve the arena bill, I will be introducing an amendment that will require a progressive user fee based on the cost of the ticket to help pay for a new arena.
"The people who will use and enjoy the new arena should help pay for it. Milwaukee taxpayers shouldn't be forced to pay the brunt of the burden of funding a new arena."