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Madison – Today State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) sent the following request to Senate Majority leader Scott Fitzgerald asking that any proposed deal for a new Bucks Arena Project be given a public hearing in downtown Milwaukee:

“It appears that details regarding the latest proposed construction and funding of a new Bucks Arena Project will be made public in the near future.
I wanted to inquire about the details of an open legislative process that you plan to follow for the proposed legislation.
I would like to request that a public hearing on the legislation be held in downtown Milwaukee at time when the general public may attend.
I think it's important to give the public sufficient time in advance to review and discuss the legislation. Also, I would like enough notice so I that could hold a Town Hall meeting in my senate district to explain the new proposal, to discuss its effects on my constituents, and to hear my constituent's opinions.”
Senator Carpenter held two Town Halls in his district last weekend and this topic was raised at both. 
“My constituents are frustrated that the details of the how this Arena deal will be paid for are being kept from those who will be asked to pay a large chunk of the costs. The perception is that a few elected officials and civic leaders are in a back room somewhere deciding a deal that they will make public at the last minute and bring it for a vote without proper analysis or public input,” said Carpenter. 
“Secrecy leads to mistrust. Let’s bring a little sunlight into this process.”