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“I will fight to stop all cuts and harmful changes to SeniorCare”
Madison – Today State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) issued the following statement opposing Governor Walker’ proposal to cut $15 million from SeniorCare, and to move SeniorCare enrollees onto Medicare Part D.
“SeniorCare is a successful, cost-effective program that helps provides vital prescription drugs that low-income seniors need. Cutting and changing this program looks to significantly increase out of pocket costs for low-income seniors who rely on this life-saving program,” said Carpenter.  
“Governor Walker previously sought to end SeniorCare in his 2011 budget, but the outcry from seniors and legislators advocating on their behalf was too great, and legislators were able to keep it out of the budget. Now, it appears that another attempt is being made to gut the program. I will fight to restore all SeniorCare funding and keep this successful and cost-effective program available for our seniors who need it most,” said Carpenter.
SeniorCare costs taxpayers less than Medicare Part D because – unlike the federal government – the state negotiates with drug manufactures for volume discounts and rebates.  
Seniors also appreciate that SeniorCare is much easier to navigate than the complex Medicare Part D program, and does not have the gaps in coverage the federal program has. 
“Regardless, the governor wants to push SeniorCare enrollees onto Medicare Part D. The result of this will be confusing, and higher out-of-pocket costs for seniors are not a fair,” said Carpenter.
“I will fight to stop all cuts and harmful changes to SeniorCare,” said Carpenter.