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U.S. Supreme Court decision issues ruling on marriage equality.
Madison – Today State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee), issued the following statement following the United State Supreme Court’s decision on marriage equality.
“I am gratified that the Supreme Court has ruled that marriage equality is a right that is protected by the U.S. Constitution.   
This has been an unprecedented last few years in the struggle for marriage equality. A growing majority in Wisconsin and around the country believe that marriage equality is a matter of love and fairness. It has been heartwarming as we have watched one court after the other determine that the U.S. Constitution does not favor laws that hinder the ability of couples to marry. Finally the U.S. Supreme Court has resolved the remaining conflict between states.  
With its ruling today, the court recognized that the government should not erect barriers in front of two people who are willing to undertake the rights and responsibilities of the ultimate expression of love and commitment - marriage. The decision today affords LGBT families the dignity and protections all families deserve under the law.
Equality throughout the states addresses the fact that it is families and children that suffer under the current patchwork of current laws, where marriages are recognized in one state and not another. A patchwork of state laws that leave people lawfully married in one state unable to participate as a family in another state was an unbalanced system that in the end is better resolved with uniformity throughout the country.
Today is a great victory for equality in our state, and in our nation.