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Madison – Today State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) blasted legislative Republican leaders for suggesting that the Department of Transportation save money in the state budget by cutting local road aids.

“I don’t think you find an issue that more people agree with than that local roads need to be fixed first.  On multiple surveys and at Town Hall meetings for the last several years, I have asked constituents whether for DOT budgeting purposes, which is a higher priority: new highway construction or maintaining local roads? Ninety four percent of survey respondents believe the highest priority for the DOT should be maintaining local roads,” said Carpenter.  
“Republican leaders are definitely going down the wrong road against public opinion if they believe cutting local road aids is a priority for Wisconsinites. Why should we punish local government by cutting local road aids because the governor and the legislature can’t get its act together in resolving Wisconsin’s transportation funding crisis?” said Carpenter.
Senator Carpenter reiterated his request for Republican leaders to submit a separate Transportation budget to be voted on separately and apart from the rest of the biennial budget. 
“Transportation issues should be voted on independently so that Wisconsinites can hold elected officials accountable for going the ‘wrong way’ in transportation funding like cutting local road aids,” said Carpenter.