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Those who will use and benefit from a new arena should help pay for it.

Madison – State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) responded to today’s report that the governor's budget proposal for a new Bucks arena will be taken up as separate legislation in the state senate as early as next week.
“The arena proposal is flawed in that it does not put the appropriate burden on those who will get the most benefit from the new arena,” said Carpenter.
“I will be introducing an amendment that would require a ticket surcharge on all arena events and make arena luxury box rentals subject to the state sales tax to help eliminate the tax burden on Milwaukee residents,” said Carpenter.
“After letting five months tick off the new arena construction clock, Republican legislative leaders woke up today and suddenly realized they screwed up. Adopting this amendment to the arena bill would be a step in the right direction of gaining more public support and better protect taxpayers," said Carpenter.