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Inquiring minds want to know.

Madison – Today State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) announced that he has voted against tax exemptions for the governor’s proposal for a new Bucks arena.
“As a member of the Joint Survey Committee on Tax Exemptions, I voted today against the governor’s proposal for the new Bucks arena,” said Carpenter.
Governor Walker's proposed budget included a level of public financing for the construction of a new Bucks arena. This included issuing $220 million in bonds that were to be paid off by diverting increased revenue from player’s salaries (aka, the “jock tax”). This proposal had a public hearing and received lots of scrutiny and a full debate.
“Today’s committee review of the Bucks arena tax exemptions in the governor’s budget was a charade. The committee voted on the governor’s proposal, but we all know the governor’s proposal is no longer on the table. In fact we haven’t seen a draft of the secret deal and yet we are expected to blindly support something neither legislators nor the taxpaying public knows anything about,” said Carpenter.
“Despite repeated requests, the written details of the actual proposed deal have not been forthcoming. The select few who have been making this deal want to present it as a complete package and rush it through the legislature for a “yes” or “no” vote, with no changes,” said Carpenter.
“This deal should have a public hearing, a full explanation and a complete vetting of the financial ramifications. Putting such a deal into the state budget avoids proper scrutiny and public debate, and only allowing the Joint Survey Committee on Tax Exemptions to review the old proposal does not move this process properly forward,” said Carpenter.