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U.S. Supreme Court decision opens door to marriage equality.

Madison – Today State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee), issued the following statement following the United State Supreme Court’s decision not to review the lower court rulings invalidating Wisconsin’s marriage equality ban.
I am gratified that today’s decision affirms couples in our state will be treated equally under the law.Loving couples in Wisconsin will now equally be able to share in marriage, the definitive expression of love and commitment.
A growing majority of Wisconsinites believe the state constitutional ban on marriage equality does not reflect their values and their beliefs in how families should be recognized by the state. 
Despite sharp rulings against Wisconsin’s marriage ban in federal district court and the federal court of appeals, Wisconsin’s Republican Attorney General refused to drop his opposition to marriage equality.The actions of this Attorney General, Governor Walker, and many other Republicans in so stridently opposing marriage equality indicate just how out of step they are with the growing desire to give loving couples the rights and responsibilities of marriage.