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Madison – Today State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) called on Governor Scott Walker to introduce a transportation budget that is separate from the general state budget.
On Election Day, Wisconsin voters approved a constitutional amendment by 80% that now prevents the governor and legislators from stealing money from the state transportation fund for other purposes. Wisconsin's Constitution now segregates funds raised from the gas tax, driver’s licenses and license plate fees.
“Wisconsin voters clearly want the enormous amount of money raised and spent on transportation to be treated separately and distinctly from the rest of the budget,” said Carpenter.  
“No more robbing Peter to pay Paul,” said Carpenter.
“In that spirit, Governor Walker should introduce a separate transportation budget and another separate general budget for all other non-transportation budget issues,” said Carpenter.
Carpenter noted that in the past Wisconsin has passed transportation items as a separate bill, instead of including it in the biennial state budget.
“Legislators and governors should have to stand by their votes on transportation.  We were able to stop the “automatic increases" on the gas tax and force legislators to be held accountable on actually voting on any tax increases,” said Carpenter.
“Imagine the careful scrutiny transportation projects would receive – on either the scope or necessity of the projects – if a legislators’ vote on transportation were subject to a separate budget vote. The voters have spoken, and now Governor Walker has an opportunity to show he is listening – by submitting a separate transportation budget bill,” said Carpenter