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Madison – Today, State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) sent a letter to Governor Scott Walker asking him to tell his Republican colleagues in the State Senate to lift their blockade of bills cracking down on drunken driving.The Assembly passed by bills with overwhelming, bi-partisan majorities, but are not scheduled to be brought up in the Senate.

“This issue is long past due; the Assembly clearly gets that this issue needs to be addressed now and has passed bills that will help keep our families and friends safer from the danger of drunken drivers.  But the bills are languishing in the Senate, and the Senate Majority Leader still will not allow the bills to come up in the Senate for a vote,” said Carpenter.
“The Senate Majority Leader needs to lift the roadblock to cracking down on drunken driving, and the Governor can help,” said Carpenter.
Senator Carpenter also urged the Governor to address this issue in the upcoming State of the State address.
“The need is great; the legislative session is drawing to a close.  I request that your State of the State categorically demand that the bills must be brought up in the Senate for a vote.  It is my sincere hope that you can get your fellow Republicans in the Senate to follow the Assembly’s lead and get serious and about cracking down on making our roads safer from drunken drivers,” said Carpenter. 
The letter sent to Governor Walker is attached to this release.