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“Let’s give the people of Wisconsin the chance to vote to remove barriers to marriage equality.”
Madison - Today State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee), along with Senate and Assembly Democrats announced the introduction of legislation to remove our current constitutional ban on marriage equality. The day before Valentine’s Day, Senate and Assembly Democrats are standing up for the right of all Wisconsinites to join in the commitment of marriage. 
“A growing majority of Wisconsinites believe the ban on marriage equality does not reflect their belief in how the state should recognize our families,” said Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee). “We believe that it is time to give the people of our state the opportunity to remove unwanted constitutional barriers to marriage equality.”
“In 2006, Wisconsin adopted a constitutional amendment banning marriage equality for all in our state. This amendment has prevented many Wisconsinites from being able to partake in the ultimate expression of love and commitment—Marriage. Further, it has left many couples and their families vulnerable to undue hardship,” said Carpenter.
As Wisconsinites we share the same core values: freedom, equality, and justice for all. According to an October 2013 Marquette University Law School Poll, the majority of Wisconsinites (53%) now support the freedom to marry. Further, 17 states and the District of Columbia have already paved the way to fairness by protecting marriage equality. It is time that Wisconsin follows suit.
“In a 2006 a referendum passed by 59% of the voters, Wisconsin’s Constitution was amended to ban marriage equality. Less than 10 years later, we are listening to the people – the majority who now support marriage equality – and introducing a repeal of unfair language in the Wisconsin State Constitution,” said Carpenter 
All Democratic Senators have signed as co-authors of this legislation. Senate Democrats are also introducing a petition to call for action on marriage equality legislation. The legislative petition can be found at