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He thanks constituents for great Town Hall year

Madison – State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) gave heartfelt thanks to his constituents for a great season of 27 Town Halls in the last 100 days Third Senate District. 

“Starting in January of 2014, my constituents came to 27 Town Hall meetings – and braving a rough winter season to do so. It's always gratifying to see folks so interested in discussing civic affairs, and bringing to their senator their ideas and opinions about state government,” said Carpenter.

“I personally enjoy the invigorating back-and-forth nature of the conversations. It keeps me on my toes and accountable to those I represent. Additionally, some of the best ideas I have had for legislation have come from these Town Hall Meetings,” said Carpenter.

Carpenter stated that the topics people wanted to talk about most were cracking down on drunken driving, changes in election laws that make it more difficult to vote, and the legislature passing laws violating the principle of respect for local control.

Carpenter also observed how upset folks were about the ‘games’ played in the capitol, such as when it was clear that big-money special interests were trying to block passage of legislation to provide parity for oral chemotherapy. “Folks were incensed that legislation supported by so many legislators and their constituents could be blocked by the top leadership in the legislature. However, my constituents were also gratified when this bill passed, when it became clear that pressure from the people had the power to shame the leaders into allowing the bill up for a vote, and passage into law,” said Carpenter. 

Since becoming a State Senator, Tim Carpenter has held 160 Town Halls in his district.