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Christie’s “New Jersey First” bill vs. Walker’s “Local Taxpayers Last” plan


Madison – Today State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) issued the following statement regarding Governor Walker’s hosting of an event today in  ilwaukee for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.
“I hope that the topic of residency requirements for public employees comes up in conversation between the governors.  Governor Chris Christie signed into law a bipartisan bill that instituted residency requirements for New Jersey public employees called New Jersey First.  In contrast, Governor Walker slipped into his budget a provision eliminating local residency requirements,” said Carpenter.
“Eliminating residency tramples on local control for at least 127 Wisconsin communities.  Local taxpayers who pay the salaries, health care, pensions and other benefits of public employees should continue to be able to require such employees to live in the community they serve.  Let’s hope Governor Christie can make Governor Walker see the error of Walker’s Local Taxpayers Last provision in his budget,” said Carpenter.