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Madison – State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) hailed the unanimous passage today in committee of a series of bills to assist veterans and current members of the armed forces. 

“While it is great to verbally thank veterans and members of our armed forces for their service, we have an obligation to follow up that thanks with action.I am proud this legislative session to be a lead co-author of a series of bills aimed to do just that,” said Carpenter.
One the bills will help replenish the Veteran’s Trust Fund to pay for the Veterans and Surviving Spouse property tax credit. Funding for the credit will come from a veterans-themed lottery game (SB 106). Another bill allows the military family relief fund – funded by donations of Wisconsin taxpayers on their state income tax returns – to be used for members of the National Guard and Reserves and their families (SB 120).
“In determining the needs of the armed forces in Wisconsin, I believe it is important to listen to the experts on what can be done to support our armed forces and their families. Department of Military Affairs Adjunct General Donald Dunbar has requested several bills that I have co-authored, including a bill to allow National Guard members to have their official travel expenses be reimbursed at the same rate that their US military counterparts receive (SB 117). Another bill requested by General Dunbar will facilitate a command staff reorganization (SB 118) as well as a bill to ratify a compact with Canada to coordinate mutual aid in natural disaster (SB 119). I am proud to say that I voted for each bill today and that these bills passed the committee unanimously,” said Carpenter.
Senator Carpenter is the ranking Democratic member of the Senate Committee on Transportation, Public Safety, Veterans and Military Affairs. The Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center is in Senator Carpenter’s senate district.
“I thank my colleague and Committee Chair Sen. Jerry Petrowski for his leadership on these bills, and bringing them up so quickly for a vote in the committee,” said Carpenter.

“I will continue to fight to improve the lives of those who are serving, and have served in our armed forces. They have served us, and we are honor-bound to respond to their sacrifice with our actions,” said Carpenter.