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Madison: Today, Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) issued the following statement regarding the upcoming New Year’s Eve Holiday.

A New Year is about to begin!  It’s time to reflect with friends and family on the good moments of 2013 and to look ahead with hope to a healthy and happy 2014.

My New Year’s wish this holiday is that everyone will be able to enjoy themselves without putting their health or the health and safety of others at risk.  If you choose to celebrate with alcoholic beverages, please don’t drive under the influence.  Even if you are the designated driver, take great care as other drivers may not be sober.
Too many of our family, friends and neighbors are hurt or killed by drunk drivers.   I will continue to fight to pass laws necessary to get serious with laws to keep offenders – especially repeat offenders – off the road.
Have fun, drink responsibility and if you are driving, don’t drink! Be safe and healthy!