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City of Milwaukee taxpayers forced to pay salaries of police union representative as police union lobbies against the City’s residents.

Madison – State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) blew the whistle today on an outrageous mandate imposed upon City of Milwaukee property taxpayers.  He revealed that due to a state law, taxpayers are actually forced to pay for the salary and fringe benefits of the Milwaukee Police union's lobbyist/negotiator.
“Milwaukee’s police union has been actively fighting to repeal the 75 year-old requirement that officers live in the city that pays their salary, benefits, and retirement.  Now we find out that even when this taxpayer-paid union representative actively works against the best interests of the City of Milwaukee, taxpayers are still stuck paying the bill for the representative’s ‘efforts’,” said Carpenter.
The City estimates this mandate will cost them $215,000 in 2013 alone.
“This mandate applies only to the city of Milwaukee – and to no one else in the entire state.This mandate has cost Milwaukee property taxpayers millions of dollars since it was enacted under Governor Tommy Thompson’s administration as a payoff to the Milwaukee Police Association,” said Carpenter.
“This is outrageous and an injustice to Milwaukee taxpayers. It's time to repeal this costly mandate. Enough is enough and taxpayers aren't going to take it anymore,” said Carpenter.