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Madison – Today, State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) issued the following statement in response to rumors that Governor Scott Walker’s budget may eliminate Milwaukee’s residency requirement for its employees.

“I call on Governor Walker to not repeal Milwaukee’s longstanding understanding that in order to be employed by the city – and paid by its taxpayers – that employees agree in turn to live within the city limits,” said Carpenter. Milwaukee’s residency requirement has been in place in Milwaukee since 1938.
“House Speaker Tip O'Neal once wisely said ‘All politics is local.’ Local government, by being closer to the people, can be better equipped to know what is best for their own community. Residents of Milwaukee are getting exasperated with elected officials – who don’t live in our city – attempting to overturn local control over Milwaukee policies they don’t agree with,” said Carpenter.
“Milwaukeeans want to have police officers and firefighters live next to them in their neighborhood for public safety and their civic participation. These public servants play a vital role in keeping Milwaukee neighborhoods safe and viable,” said Carpenter.
“Also, I think that it is fair for Milwaukee property taxpayers to choose to employ those people who will be contributing back to the city’s tax base, by paying for housing, utilities, and (hopefully) shopping at businesses in the city,” said Carpenter.
“Governor, it's just not worth the guaranteed political battle that will be ignited from residency repeal; let’s not poison the well for the rest of our session,” said Carpenter.