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Madison – State Sen. Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) today revealed that he has found a solution to resolve the bi-partisan opposition to Governor Scott Walker’s desire to add $994 million dollars in bonding debt to fund his expansive highway construction projects. 

“Although I am not a member of the Legislature's CPA Caucus, I did stay in a Holiday Express once.  The necessary revenues needed to eliminate Walker's deeply unpopular bonding plan can be found in two simple steps,” said Carpenter.
Step one:  Senator Carpenter stated that he is donating a winning $550 million power ball jackpot ticket to the DOT transportation fund.
Step two:  The rest of the Walker's $994 state bonding can be easily eliminated by cutting wasteful and unnecessary spending.The I-94 reconstruction from the Zoo Interchange to the 25th Street in Milwaukee has at least $400 million that could be easily cut from the bloated project, which includes DOT’s grandiose plans to build a high rise double-deck freeway with six to 8 lanes going in each direction for the Zoo Interchange and I-94 reconstruction. 
“The DOT’s proposed double-decked monstrosity would encroach upon the sacred 1867 Wood National Veterans cemetery, devastate many neighborhoods, and is a complete waste of taxpayer’s money,” said Carpenter.
According to a recent poll an astonishing 73% of Wisconsinites oppose Governor Walker's billion dollar bonding scheme. 
Carpenter noted that should the Powerball solution not materialize quite as planned, Governor Walker’s only practical solution would be to drastically scale back his grandiose expansive highway building plans, especially for I-94 from 25th Street to the Zoo Interchange.“It would make total sense for taxpayers, and it would preserve beautiful and historic Milwaukee landmarks and neighborhoods for generations,” said Carpenter.
“The governor may not like it, but 73% of Wisconsinites will be happy winners,” said Carpenter.
 As they advertise for the lottery - please gamble responsibly.“Governor Walker, please bond for highway projects responsibly,” said Carpenter.
A copy of the Powerball ticket accompanies this press release.