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This week, State Legislators have been participating in updates from the Administration about the evolving situation in Wisconsin, it is clear that this current crisis will have a wide impact on all of our lives and that we will need all hands on deck to get Wisconsin on a good course. There are elements of this situation that require legislative action, and so I call on Majority Leader Fitzgerald and Speaker Vos to convene the state legislature in order to respond to the issues that COVID-19 has brought us. After this update, continue to look for this E-newsletter each Tuesday!


Response Initiative Launched on Volunteer Wisconsin

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Many of our neighbors need a little help right now. If you're looking for a way to make a positive impact during this situation, check out Volunteer Wisconsin's Opportunities page. Please approach any potential event responsibly, and do not attend if you are not feeling 100% healthy. Thank you for considering others at this time!

Severe Blood Shortage Due to Coronavirus Outbreak.

In a healthcare crisis, it is of vital importance that healthcare providers have access to a supply of blood. Because of social distancing concerns, the Red Cross is currently experiencing blood drive cancellations which is taking its toll on their supply of this life-saving resource. The shortage is currently severe and donors are needed. If you are healthy, please consider giving blood by calling 1-800-Red Cross or going to redcrossblood.org to find a nearby location. They are taking extra precautions to make sure that their sites are safe!

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Governor Evers has issued Emergency Order #7, which waives work search requirements and modifies availability requirements for workers impacted by COVID-19.

City of Milwaukee Rolls Out Restaurant Carryout Zones

For restaurants that do not have a designated loading zone, this City program will provide temporary "Restaurant Carryout Zones." This program is free to restaurateurs who do not have a loading zone, and provides signage and the equivalent of two parking spaces near their location to accommodate take-out requests. Apply Online or contact the Special Event Permit Office at (414) 286-3915 or dpwspecialevents@milwaukee.gov 

WEDC Announces Grants for Small Businesses Affected by COVID-19

At this week's emergency board meeting, the other members of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors and I approved the Small Business 20/20 grant program to provide grants to businesses throughout the state. This will provide grants of up to $20,000 to businesses with no more than 20 employees to cover rent and payroll expenses, including paid leave.

Weekly Tele-Town Hall from AARP

In a weekly Tele-Town Hall hosted by the AARP, which will be taking place on Thursdays at 1pm Eastern Time (Noon here in Wisconsin), experts will share info and answer questions that you may have about COVID-19 and the developing situation. Please share with anyone you know who may be interested!

2020 Census

There’s probably a lot on your mind right now, but don’t forget to respond to the 2020 U.S. Census. Our decennial count sets the basis for reapportionment, funds allocation, and electoral redistricting. Do your community a favor, and respond—it only takes a few minutes!

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Request an Abesntee Ballot for the April 7th Election!

If you are interested in voting from the comfort of your home, you can request an Absentee Ballot that you can mail in. This can be accomplished most easily at myvote.wi.gov. If MyVote is not working for you for any reason, the Wisconsin Elections Commission has issued special guidance for this process for this year. For more information you can reference their standard instructions for voting absentee.

If you live within the City of Milwaukee, you can print this form and send it in to the City of Milwaukee Elections Commission. Their address and contact information are at the top of the form if you have any questions about how to follow the instructions and get your Absentee Ballot sent to you.

If you live in the City of Greenfield, Wauwatosa, West Allis, or West Milwaukee, or any part of Wisconsin, you can use the Wisconsin Application for Absentee Ballot and send it to your respective municipal clerk.

In order to accomplish this, you must be registered to vote, and submit a copy or photo of an acceptable photo ID for voting to your municipal clerk. This can be achieved by taking a picture of your ID with your phone and emailing it to the municipal clerk. Just be sure to include a statement in the email that explains why you are sending the photo to them. If you are unsure about any steps in this process, give them a call!

Contact info for all municipal clerks across the state can be found in the Directory of Wisconsin Clerks from the Wisconsin Elections Commission website, or through myvote.wi.gov.

Here are the websites for the clerks from the 3rd Senate District. The date following each link is the date that early voting (in-person absentee voting) begins for each municipality.

City of Greenfield (starts 03/23/20)

City of Milwaukee (starts 03/16/20)

City of Wauwatosa (starts 03/17/20)

City of West Allis (starts 03/23/20)

Village of West Milwaukee (starts 03/23/20)