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Madison – Today, State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) issued the following statement after his election today by the Senate as the new Senate President Pro Tempore:
“I am honored that my senate colleagues have given me the privilege of serving as the Senate President Pro Tempore. In the spirit of moving Wisconsin forward, I am
ready and willing to repay my colleagues’ trust in electing me to this office by faithfully upholding the rules of the senate, and by serving with respect both my
Republican and Democratic colleagues.”
In an attempt to further foster collegiality among colleagues, Senator Carpenter has chosen to break with tradition and will be sitting on the senate floor in a row with Republican senators. “It may be a small gesture, but it is time we paid attention to what can help bring us together instead of emphasizing things that separate us,” said Carpenter.
Carpenter served as President Pro Tempore of the Wisconsin State Senate during the 2007-2008 legislative biennium. In 1993, he held the position of Speaker Pro Tempore in the Wisconsin State Assembly.