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​Madison – Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) announced that he is pleased to be the new Chair of the Senate Committee on Seniors, Public Health and Human Services.

“As chair of this committee, I will fight to continue to make sure that our seniors are treated with dignity, and given the respect they have earned from those of us who have benefitted from their hard work in building our great state. Additionally, Wisconsin has unique challenges in issues of public health, such as childhood immunization and protecting our Great Lakes from being polluted by improperly disposed prescription drugs; I will continue to work to address these issues,” said Carpenter.
“As chair of this new committee, I will continue my longstanding practice of bringing to a hearing every bill referred to my committee, regardless of support or authorship by Republican or Democratic legislators. My district expects its representatives in the legislature to work across the aisle to put forward the business of the people; I look forward to continue to do so,” said Carpenter.
Senator Carpenter has also been appointed Chair of the Joint Committee on Information Technology. He has also been appointed Vice-Chair of the following committees: Senate Committee on Health Revenue, Tax Fairness and Insurance; and Senate Committee on Economic Development, Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Biotechnology.