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“Capping FamilyCare enrollment devastates seniors and could cost taxpayers $1.75 billion.”

Madison – State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) strongly advocated today to lift the cap on enrollment in Wisconsin’s FamilyCare.
“FamilyCare is a successful and cost-saving program that helps frail seniors and disabled folks stay in their homes rather than pushing them into more expensive nursing home care. I strongly opposed putting a cap on FamilyCare last year. The cap was a bad scheme to achieve a short-term budgetary ‘fix’ and it simply made no sense,” said Carpenter.
The cap put in place by Governor Scott Walker’s administration has now been declared to be in violation of federal law, and has put Wisconsin at risk of losing $1.75 billion in federal Medicaid funding for this budget cycle.
A recent audit shows that FamilyCare saves the state taxpayers about $1200 per month, per person, over the taxpayers’ cost for keeping a person in a nursing home.
“Some seniors in my district have spent a lifetime paying for their homes, raising families and building their lives in the community. These folks deserve the right to keep their independence for as long as they can,” said Carpenter.
“We knew the cap was being penny-wise and pound-foolish. Now we find that the cap could cost the state $1.75 billion in lost federal funding. The FamilyCare cap was a rotten idea that is smelling worse as time goes on. Let’s fix it now,” said Carpenter.
Senator Carpenter made his remarks before attending the Senate Health Committee hearing today on a bill that would lift the cap on FamilyCare (SB 380). Senator Carpenter is a member of the committee.