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  • 6/22/2022

  • 3/9/2022

  • 3/1/2022

    • The Gableman Report was a Waste of time and Money Gableman’s report is an underhanded attempt to undermine Wisconsinites’ faith in our elections in order to justify the dismantling of the Wisconsin Elections Commission so that Republicans can select the referees for the next election.
  • 1/19/2022

    • Republicans Rubberstamp Expanded Powers for Gableman Questions were left unanswered as to whether the OSC still had a current contract with the Assembly Speaker. Yet the Republicans on the committee downplayed those questions in order to rush the debate and vote to authorize these expanded new powers for the OSC.
  • 1/10/2022

  • 1/5/2022

    • Vos Gets Golden Fleece Award It is long overdue for Republican legislators to tell Speaker Robin Vos to immediately halt this ridiculously wasteful $676,000 fleecing of Wisconsin taxpayers.