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Today is National Coming Out Day Today is the 34th anniversary of National Coming Out Day, when we celebrate the bravery of our LGBTQ+ friends, family, and neighbors as they share their sexual orientation or gender identity publicly or privately with those whom they love and hold dear.
Wisconsin Voters Deserve to Hold the Reins Today we had an opportunity to honor our commitment to a just government by the people, through consideration of a constitutional amendment providing for Wisconsinites’ direct involvement in crafting our state’s laws. Once again, the Do-Nothing Republicans who lead the legislature didn’t show up...
A Promise is a Promise We must think of the thousands of families who still don’t know where their loved ones are after decades. More than 80,000 American service personnel are still missing, and approximately 1,500 of them are our fellow Wisconsinites.
Vos Can't Brush this Embarrassment Under the Rug The costs from the Office of Special Counsel investigation continue to grow, and the taxpayers deserve to know how and why their money has been spent. We owe that to them.
It is Time for Split Ticket Primaries On August 9, many voters across the state will be prohibited from choosing their preferred candidate for United States Senate if they vote for a Republican candidate for governor, or vice versa. In the worst case scenario, their ballots get thrown out entirely...
Wisconsin's laws are not adequate to protect voters with disabilities I am thankful that our federal government had the wisdom in the past to pass the Voting Rights Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act, because without those, many of our neighbors would be completely disenfranchised.
Statement on Special Session to Protect Reproductive Rights and Healthcare Access Republicans once again failed to show up for work today during the Special Session, ignoring the wishes of a majority of Wisconsinites, and doing nothing to prevent our laws from turning back 173 years to an era when women were second class citizens.
GOP refuses to hold Gableman accountable to the taxpayers I petitioned the Senate to require an audit of the OSC, which received bipartisan support, but too many of my Republican colleagues chose to continue wasting $676,000 without any transparency, accountability, or mission.
The Gableman Report was a Waste of time and Money Gableman’s report is an underhanded attempt to undermine Wisconsinites’ faith in our elections in order to justify the dismantling of the Wisconsin Elections Commission so that Republicans can select the referees for the next election.
Republicans Rubberstamp Expanded Powers for Gableman Questions were left unanswered as to whether the OSC still had a current contract with the Assembly Speaker. Yet the Republicans on the committee downplayed those questions in order to rush the debate and vote to authorize these expanded new powers for the OSC.
Sen. Carpenter Requests Legislative Audit of Michael Gableman's Commission I trust that the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau can provide the transparency and accountability that the OSC has so far failed to provide to the people of Wisconsin. Only then can the taxpayers see whether their $676,000 is being misused.
Vos Gets Golden Fleece Award It is long overdue for Republican legislators to tell Speaker Robin Vos to immediately halt this ridiculously wasteful $676,000 fleecing of Wisconsin taxpayers.