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WDVA Announces Grant Awards for Wisconsin Veterans Organizations This funding will be like a shot in the arm for organizations like Heroes for Healthcare, the Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative, the Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce, and many others who are working for Wisconsin’s veterans.
Transgender Day of Remembrance, 2020 Today we remember the lives of Transgender people that were taken from the world because their expression of themselves did not conform to someone else’s view.
Prescription Drug Task Force Recommendations a Great Step Forward for Wisconsin I am so happy to have been asked to serve on the Task Force and sincerely appreciate the efforts by all the members to address this very important issue... Hopefully, in the next session, there will be the bipartisan support this issue deserves
Carpenter Statement on Legislative Republicans' Decision to Boycott Legislative Session Wisconsin Republican state legislators have been boycotting legislative session since April... Republicans in our state legislature have pulled a ‘no show’ in a desperate, last-ditch effort to grind the people’s business to a halt.
"It's called doing your job!" - Senator Nass It is unbelievable, that during this health crisis the Republican Senate has been in session only 3 days in 2020.
Republican Health Committees: Missing in Action It is shocking that even during a once in a century public health crisis, the Republican Chairmen of the Assembly and Senate Health Committees have not bothered to address the ongoing pandemic in our state through public hearings, informational hearings, and legislation.
Matthew Shepard's Story Continues to Haunt and Inspire Us after 22 Years Despite all of the progress that has been made since Stonewall in 1969, there is still so much more that can be done in our state and across the country. As we remember Matthew’s life, we should look for ways that we can honor his legacy by working to create a world that welcomes all types of people
Public Hearing is Necessary before Striking down COVID Strategy As case numbers and hospitalizations hit record highs, the Legislature should avoid rash decisions motivated by the pursuit of power. People’s lives, health, and livelihoods are too important to jeopardize in political games.
It is Time for Scott Fitzgerald to Resign Given the complete failure of the Republican-controlled State Senate to convene in session to pass important legislation to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, it is time for Senator Fitzgerald to resign as the Republican Majority Leader.
Republican Senators Convene to Pass the Buck It is a farce that these Senators will enter the Chambers now to point fingers and applaud each other instead of consider bills on public health, our state’s economy, or public safety and justice. The people of our state deserve much better than this.
The Legislature's Lack of Action is Shameful Given how much time has been available to vet these bills, I had expected that the State Legislature would convene today in order to debate and vote on them. It should not take an emergency to motivate the Legislature into action.
The US Senate Should Honor John Lewis by Restoring the Voting Rights Act “With the outpouring of love and respect for the civil rights legend John Lewis, the best way that Congress could honor his legacy is to reauthorize the Voting Rights Act of 1965.
I Sincerely Appreciate Your Kind Words of Support! I would like to thank everyone who has sent flowers, cards, calls, emails, or left social media comments with their well-wishes. Your kind words of support are sincerely appreciated and mean a lot to me.
SCOTUS Ruling Ends the Current Fight over DACA Today in a 5-4 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected President Trump’s attempt to end the DACA program. This is extremely welcome news, especially for the young people who were brought to this country by their parents trying to find a better, safer life for them.
Racism and Hate Have No Home Here! I was shocked to learn that someone distributed racist flyers across the lawns of West Allis homeowners... To whomever took it upon themselves to spread this hateful message, know that our communities do not support you.
The Do Nothing Republican Legislature Cost Wisconsin Taxpayers $25 Million The Republican controlled Legislature’s political game playing has cost Wisconsin taxpayers $25 million in federal funds for our state’s Unemployment Compensation Fund, which will go broke this October.
President Roth's Virtually Nonexistant State Senate On Wednesday, April 15th, Wisconsin State Senate President Roger Roth quietly became the first Dictator of the Wisconsin State Senate.
Message to Senate President Roth following Today's Session In my 36 years in the State Legislature I have never witnessed such blatant and hyper-partisan behavior from a presiding officer.
I Was Elected to Do a Job Republican Senators will not lift a finger to accommodate the voters of our state during the election, who were forced to risk their health and lives in order to fulfill their civic duty. But when it is time to take their votes as Senators, they have taken unprecedented actions to protect themselves
Open letter to Speaker Vos regarding Tuesday's election Many Wisconsinites have inquired about how you obtained the personal protective equipment (PPE) you wore on Election Day. People saw the pictures and video of you dressed up in a mask, gloves and gown at a public polling place. It raised important questions that people deserve to have answered
Time Is of the Essence It is past time for the Do Nothing Republican State Legislature to get back to work and start rowing our ship of state together with Governor Evers instead of sabotaging him.
Robin Vos Should Be Removed from the Presidency of NCSL Robin Vos’ gross arrogance and blatant partisanship render him unfit to continue to operate as the President of the nonpartisan NCSL. Vos has become a complete embarrassment to the great state of Wisconsin.
The Do Nothing Republican Legislature “Governor Evers is doing his best to protect the people of Wisconsin. Now we desperately need a Legislature that is equally committed to taking decisive actions during a public health emergency. This shouldn’t be about politics, today’s special session is about trying to save people’s lives.
The State Legislature Must Convene in Special Session Tens of thousands of Wisconsinites will be needlessly put at risk of contracting the Coronavirus when they show up to vote in person in this April’s Spring Election.
Email to Senate President Roth Regarding a Potential Senate Session It’s past time for the Legislature to get into the battle to combat COVID-19. This should happen immediately... because of this inaction I believe it’s important that I attend Senate Session in person in order to fight for the needs, issues and concerns of my constituents.
Senator Carpenter Thanks Governor Evers Through no fault of their own, thousands of workers are being laid off at the same time. The state should certainly waive the one-week waiting period and requirement to search for jobs before being eligible for unemployment benefits given the situation our country and state finds itself.
5-County Tax Freedom Day Today is the day that the Southeast Wisconsin Professional Baseball Park District (the District) will finally certify an end to the Miller Park Tax.
Letter to Governor Evers Regarding 2019 Assembly Bill 26 protect people from being discriminated against on the basis of their sexual orientation, national origin, and ancestry, I respectfully call on you to veto Assembly Bill 26.
Republicans Open the Door to Discrimination in Healthcare It is my belief that in the area of access to healthcare, discrimination should not play a roll. If a person needs to see a doctor, they should not be turned away because of their perceived nation of origin, citizenship status, sexual orientation or gender identity.