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Wisconsin Republicans Forget the Reason for the Season


(MADISON)—Today, Senator Tim Carpenter issued the following statement regarding the Capitol Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony:

“I was happy to attend the ceremonial lighting of the State Capital Holiday Tree by Governor Tony Evers on St. Nicholas Day today, December 6th. Which for me marks the beginning of the Holiday Season.

“Last month, Assembly Republicans chose to waste 30 minutes debating a meaningless resolution that would officially name the tree the Wisconsin State Christmas Tree, instead of the Capital Holiday Tree. I’m not kidding you.

“Senate Republicans at the same time were acting like Grinches and Scrooges by rejecting funding for Wisconsin’s five thousand homeless people, including veterans, families and children. The legislation had already passed the State Assembly on a voice vote, but GOP leaders Senators Fitzgerald and Darling denied the funding for the homeless.

“Republicans wanted to hop on their moral high horses and demand we officially name it the Wisconsin State Christmas Tree, instead of acting in the Christian tradition of caring for our poor, hungry and homeless.

“They would rather play political word games. Go ahead and call it whatever makes you feel good, but I believe it’s the act of caring and compassion that matters most. I believe it’s hypocritical to pretend to care about Christmas by requiring the word be used, but then failing the spirit of the holiday and behaving like Grinches and Scrooges towards the homeless in Wisconsin.”